Igloo Hire & Sales is Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

Why Buy Igloo Portable Shelters?

  • All Igloo portable dome shelters & container shelters are engineer designed and certified
  • Quality construction & materials provide maximum protection all year
  • Certified to withstand 125 km/h winds
  • User friendly; most of our shelters can be assembled by hand
  • Quick and easy to assemble; our 10 x 13 metre Igloo shelter goes up in 3.5 hours
  • Sound dampening; the shape and materials used limit echoing
  • Tailor made to suit your site
  • We can assemble/disassemble or can supply a person to assist you
  • Can be mounted on castor wheels
  • Reusable; when you’re finished, pack it up and store it in the cradles provided until next time
  • We deliver anywhere
  • 5 Year Warranty*

5 Year Warranty

All Igloo portable shelters are guaranteed to stay up or we will replace the damaged parts delivered to your site at no charge*

*Conditions of warranty
Igloo Portable Shelters are not covered by warranty if;

  1. The tarp has not been removed where wind speeds are greater than 125km/h
  2. The frame has collapsed as a result of what it has been mounted on moving; ie shipping containers or not secured to the ground
  3. The damage was caused by flying or moving debris of any type
  4. The Igloo or what the Igloo is mounted on gets driven into

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